If you would like to commission a painting, I will come to your house to meet the subject, and take photographs. I am used to putting subjects at their ease, and take lots of photos very quickly. We then browse through them together on my laptop, and you decide which ones you want me to refer to when working on the portrait.

I can work from photographs that someone else has taken, but this is more challenging, because I know exactly what I need in terms of composition and light. Also the photo-shoot, however brief, gives me a valuable opportunity to get to know the subject, and that helps to create a portrait which reveals character as well as being an accurate likeness.

My priority at all times is to reflect in the finished work what you want to see rather than my personal interpretation, so your preferences will be sought and will be paramount.

When the work is ready for collection, you will be invited to see it – or rather them, as I usually paint 2 or 3 pictures of each subject so that you have a choice. A deposit of £100 is charged, which is deductible from the sale-price, or, in the event of your not liking the work, is non-returnable, but you are under no obligation to buy. In my experience, clients buy at least one painting, and often more, subsequent paintings being 25% cheaper. Prices for group portraits in a single painting are based upon the number of subjects. I continue to own the copyright to all paintings.

Charcoal or monochrome painting - £350

Painting in Oil, pastel acrylic or watercolour - £450

Portraits are on paper or canvas between approximately 8" x 12" (20cm x 30cm) and 16.5" x 23" (42cm x 58.5cm).